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Advertise With Us

Thank you for your interest in advertising on Tiket2. We accept sponsored posts at the moment.

Who we are? is an informational website focusing on air travel in the Asia Pacific. Our readers are first-time flyers, occasional flyers, frequent flyers, domestic and international travelers. Our primary goal is to deliver quality content. We provide non-obvious information to help solve problems that a passenger may encounter – especially during the pandemic and in the post-pandemic world.

Tiket2 by the numbers

Currently, we reach around 1.3 million unique visitors each year.

  • 11 years in service
  • Pageviews monthly: ~ 210,000
  • Unique visitors monthly: ~110,000
  • Social media followers: ~ 420,000
  • Newsletter subscribers: ~ 260,000
  • Main markets: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, United States

Sponsored post guidelines

Whenever we publish a sponsored post, we make sure it follows the general guidelines.

  • Blog post should be provided by the advertiser (to be reviewed before publishing)
  • Blog post must be over 1000 words, with well-written, high-quality content
  • All links must be related to travel/air travel/aviation
  • Link anchor text must be branded (for example The Company), be an URL (,, or just have neutral ‘click here’ text
  • All sponsored links will have rel=”nofollow” attribute added to the <a> HTML tag
  • Sponsored content will have a disclosure message that clearly conveys to the reader that the post was produced by our partner

Prices and discounts

Prices start at $900 per sponsored blog post.

We’d love to create a longer, more meaningful partnership with your company. This is why we offer significant discounts for packages of 3 or more sponsored posts.

Free guest posts

We have free guest post options for authors who’d like to be featured on our website.

Contact us

Please email us at [email protected] to discuss the details.

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