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Batavia Air bankrupcy

On January 31, 2013 Batavia Air ceased operations after the Central Jakarta Regional Court granted a bankruptcy appeal by IFLC, the international aircraft lessor, saying that the airline owed US$4,68 million in debts, a debt that Batavia Air failed to repay after a series of financial difficulties. Most of their routes will be take over by Mandala Airlines. All tickets purchased prior to the cessation of operations were either refunded or deferred to other airlines.

Batavia Air info

Batavia Air was an Indonesian low-fare airline based in Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport), founded in 2001. It served domestic flights to around 30 destinations and international services to Singapore, China and Malaysia. Batavia Air operated more than 170 flights per day, serving 40 destinations across Indonesia and abroad. International destinations include Guangzhou (China), Kuching (Malaysia), Singapore, Dili (Timor Leste), Riyadh and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

Batavia Air airplanes and safety

Batavia Air was one of the few Indonesian carriers which have been given the approval to fly and land in the territories listed by the European Union. The airline was also listed in the first category with respect to flight safety within Indonesian domestic transportation regulation. Batavia Air had a fleet of 36 aircrafts consisting of Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400, Airbus A319, Airbus A320 and Airbus A330.